From the onset of the natural gas industry in the Mid Atlantic region, Rutkoski Fencing, Inc. (RFI) continues to sustain safety, meet individual company needs and methods, and the law this market demands. RFI builds upon our years of dependability, timeliness, and exceptional service. We stress safety thorough planning, fastidiousness, and excellence both in our highly trained staff and state-of-art equipment.

We are the fencing contractor you can count on to get the job done completely and accurately.


  • Compressor facilities
  • Metering stations
  • Well pads
  • Right-of-way (ROW)
  • Valves
  • Tie-Ins
  • Water impoundments
  • Agricultural fencing for separating livestock from construction


A project archive is not available due to customer confidentiality agreements. If you are a project manager or owner interested in our scope potential for your project, please contact us at 855-693-2044 or bids@rutkoskifencing.com/2021.

We have more than 60 years of combined experience in the fencing industry. We will never deviate from our mission to serve you with excellence and fairness.
We at RFI pride ourselves in our professionalism, work ethic, good housekeeping, flexibility, expertise in our field, safety, efficiency, the ability to constantly get better, and most importantly, our quality of work. We instill good habits, proper training, proactive maintenance, effective communication, strict but fair policies, positive and non-hostile attitudes, professionalism, organization, accountability and advanced technology in our daily work routines to achieve success.
RFI’s dedication to safety separates us from the rest because of our continuing efforts to embrace safety as a culture and not just for compliance. We have our own safety department headed by a dedicated safety director that conducts site visits, meetings, research and trainings to better serve our company.
We offer superior products and unmatched workmanship at competitive pricing. RFI prides itself on keeping up with cutting edge technology both in the office and out in the field to be as efficient and effective as possible for providing quick, reliable service. We offer large company qualities such as experience levels, equipment, financial stability, industry resources, manpower, and versatility but by still maintaining our small business roots of quick, personalized service, workmanship and pricing.

Our professionals are ready to meet the demands of your oil or natural gas operation with safety, efficiency and exceptional service. What can we do for you?

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