Benefits of Safety Training

In order provide a safe and proactive work environment, Rutkoski Fencing has dedicated a significant amount of resources to ensure our workers have the knowledge to recognize the hazards they may encounter on the job and how to mitigate them. Safety training is among the most beneficial life-saving systems a company can put in place. Here’s why:

  1. It Increases Employee Awareness & Reduces Complacency
    • There are hazards in everything we do, from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed. There are hazards in the office and on the job site. Training employees to recognize hazards will increase their awareness, not only at work, but in their daily lives.
    • Over time, people become complacent if they are used to doing the same task consistently. Safety training is a good way to remind workers to break up the routine, and refocus on their actions and steps they are taking.
  1. It Reduces Accidents & Injuries
    • This may seem obvious, but it is the main benefit for having safety training. If employees know how to do their job safety and how to avoid putting themselves in harms way, it can prevent injuries ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening accidents.
  2. Become Compliant with Safety Laws
    • There are significant legal concerns for businesses associated with health and safety. Beyond the obvious concerns for the well-being of employees, companies also have very specific responsibilities laid out by law when it comes to workplace safety. Comprehensive and effective training of employees is essential to ensure compliance with these rules.
  3. It Will Reduce Stress
    • Studies show some of the most common workplace stressors are exposure to hazards and lack of training/preparation. Stress can negatively affect employees physically and mentally, leading to additional safety hazards. By ensuring employees are trained properly on the task they are doing reduces stress on both the employees and management. This can also lead to an increase in morale.
  4. It Can Be Fun!
    • Who says training must be boring classroom lecture style? With all the technology available today, it is possible to make a completely interactive hands-on training. There are plenty of games and activities that will break up the typical day-to-day work with some fun safety training!

Our top priority is making sure our employees go home as safe and healthy as they were when they came to work. Safety training is just one of the many ways we dedicate ourselves to ensuring the health and well-being of everyone who works at, and with, RFI.