Our company is committed to our mission, core values, and rules.  They keep us focused and accountable in the safety and competency of our staff, promises of quality to our customers, and in compliance with external and internal policies.   This is the standard we started with and have continued to grow by.


Our mission is to offer top quality products and services on time and within budget to the highest satisfaction of our clients; provide rewarding and benefiting careers for our employees; be respectful and create a respectful environment; improve through continuing education and evaluating existing procedures and policies routinely; afford large-business experience and versatility, while encompassing small-business service.



  • Go above and beyond the minimum. Good can always be better.

  • Stay engaged with new ways to do tasks.
  • Complete your work in its entirety.

  • Learn from your mistakes. Do not be afraid to get something wrong.
  • Ask questions. Performing a task you are not qualified to do leads to injury.
  • Leave the environment a better place, never worse.
  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • Look for ways to improve.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Prioritize the customers’ interests.
  • Always spotlight safety.
We have more than 60 years of combined experience in the fencing industry. We will never deviate from our mission to serve you with excellence and fairness.
We at RFI pride ourselves in our professionalism, work ethic, good housekeeping, flexibility, expertise in our field, safety, efficiency, the ability to constantly get better, and most importantly, our quality of work. We instill good habits, proper training, proactive maintenance, effective communication, strict but fair policies, positive and non-hostile attitudes, professionalism, organization, accountability and advanced technology in our daily work routines to achieve success.
RFI’s dedication to safety separates us from the rest because of our continuing efforts to embrace safety as a culture and not just for compliance. We have our own safety department headed by a dedicated safety director that conducts site visits, meetings, research and trainings to better serve our company.
We offer superior products and unmatched workmanship at competitive pricing. RFI prides itself on keeping up with cutting edge technology both in the office and out in the field to be as efficient and effective as possible for providing quick, reliable service. We offer large company qualities such as experience levels, equipment, financial stability, industry resources, manpower, and versatility but by still maintaining our small business roots of quick, personalized service, workmanship and pricing.

Our commitment to quality, safety and service are unparalled. What job can we do safely for you?