Warehouse spaces, distribution centers and drop lots are essential to the successful functioning of businesses around the globe. Unsurprisingly, they are also hot spots for theft. With so many valuable products and cargo situated in one central location, these areas have become prime targets for crime—including everything from external, organized crime to internal breaches and theft.

What’s more, the size, scope and complexity of warehouses, distribution facilities and drop lots make them challenging to monitor and secure. That is why having effective fencing solutions is paramount to protecting your business, your staff and your assets. Perimeter fencing, internal fencing and even interior caging can all help mitigate the risk of crime within warehouses, distribution centers and drop lots.

Of course, not every type of fencing is qualified for the job at hand. It’s critical to integrate fencing options that meet high standards of security and functionality. Following are some of the most crucial insights and effective fencing solutions for fortifying warehouse spaces, distribution facilities and drop lots.

Perimeter Fencing

As you seek to protect your goods and people from crime-related risks, it will be important to consider perimeter fencing options that meet the unique requirements of your business and its operations. There are some commercial fencing solutions that have a higher degree of security and/or suitability for various types of needs in warehouse, distribution and drop lot environments.

Here is a general breakdown of some of the most common types of perimeter fencing for crime mitigation at these sorts of properties.

  • Chain Link: A popular choice for commercial fencing, chain link is typically constructed from galvanized steel and can be coated in vinyl for extra protection. This material is particularly weather-resistant, featuring durability against heat, cold and moisture. A low-maintenance, low-cost option, chain link can be reinforced with barbed or razor wire for a higher degree of security.
  • Mesh Panel: A top contender for high-security applications, mesh panels boast a firm structure and smooth surface. Combining high-quality, low-carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy steel, the mesh can be PVC coated or galvanized to resist corrosion and weathering. Mesh is designed with unique spacing to safeguard against climbing and resist penetration.
  • Palisade: Consisting of vertical steel pales secured to horizontal rails and mounted to support posts, palisade fencing is a particularly effective deterrent for intrusion and vandalism. It exudes an intimidating visual presence, lacks footholds, is resistant to cutting and features the advantage of height as well as the option for spikes at the top. Palisade fencing is strong, versatile, durable and low maintenance.
  • Concrete Wall: Precast concrete walls are highly impenetrable, nearly impossible to scale and capable of withstanding winds of hurricane proportions. Foundations are drilled and set for the concrete posts before placing premade concrete panels in between. Solid concrete fences are particularly ideal against threats to critical assets.

The various types of security perimeter fencing leveraged at warehouses, distribution centers and drop lots are often reinforced with security features like double fencing rows, omitted top rails, anchored bottom rails, height specifications and added systems for lighting and surveillance.

Indoor Enclosures & Cages

Even with a high standard of perimeter fencing in place, there are risks within the confines of warehouses and distribution facilities that require interior enclosure and caging solutions. To thwart intruders who may have breached the perimeter, and to stymie the efforts of internal personnel who may be inclined to steal, indoor enclosures and cages add an additional barrier of protection. These types of offerings not only enable added security for valuable items, but also help protect workers from dangerous materials and assist in organizing large, complex spaces.

Mesh cages are particularly effective at thwarting internal theft and external threats to valuable machinery, equipment and inventory. Given the beneficial properties of mesh (as noted in the above explanation for perimeter fencing), it has the stability, resilience and durability to safeguard against break-ins and intrusion. Chain link is another popular type of interior enclosure used for these purposes. Often, indoor enclosures and cages are equipped with access controls to further monitor and secure the space.

Guard Rails

Guard rails are sometimes leveraged within the property lines or interior areas of warehousing, distribution and drop lot locations. They help to keep the space safe and productive, particularly in areas where hazardous materials or machinery could cause property damage or injury. The use of guard rails in these applications helps to protect people and improve maneuverability, and they can be a substantial way to offset the danger of crime-related breaches, especially those involving vehicular impact.

Gates & Access Controls

Access control systems and automated gates provide a unique opportunity for warehouses, distribution centers and drop lots to heighten their security approach. Whether the property or space must control vehicular or human traffic, these products are smart and convenient for managing access and retaining security.

Today’s gated access control systems are powered by internet connections or cellular networks. They utilize keycards, pin codes, biometrics or scanners for entry. With advanced technology, you can fortify perimeter or interior gates with high-security features like:

  • Remote control from a web or mobile application
  • Built-in cameras for recording or capturing photos
  • Video and IP intercom systems
  • Streaming video of entry and exit points
  • Transaction records of gate activity

The added security that access control systems and automated gates provide is a major advantage for warehouse and distribution facilities or drop lot locations that must continuously manage entry and exit points to mitigate the risks of crime.

Product Selection & Installation

As you think about all of the fencing, enclosure, railing and access control options available for mitigating the risk of crime at your warehouse, distribution or drop lot location(s), it’s important to contract the services of a highly experienced professional in these areas.

Given the complexity and critical nature of these projects, you want to feel confident you’re working with a partner that has the mastery, know-how and precision to give the most effective recommendations and ensure a high-quality installation. Make sure you have the opportunity to secure the best pricing, products and workmanship on solutions that meet the unique requirements of your business.

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