The Benefits & Applications Of Using Precast Concrete Walls

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Dating back to the early Romans, who mixed crushed limestone and soft rocks with sand and water to create one of the first forms of concrete, the use of this material—even in its more primitive precast forms—has been instrumental in supporting a number of applications requiring strength and durability. Of course, precast concrete has come a long way since the days of Roman molds and wooden forms, but the practicality, versatility and value of this option remains as true and real as ever. Today, precast concrete walls are leveraged in a variety of settings and for a multitude of uses. In contrast to concrete that is poured at the site of an application, precasting supports a more viable concrete product at a greater cost benefit. Precast concrete walls are selected for any number of advantages this type of barrier or fencing solution brings to the table. Here, we’re highlighting [...]

Tips For Implementing The Right Kind Of Highway Fencing

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When driving down the highway, most motorists don’t think about the fencing structures built to enhance safety, reduce noise, deter animals and generally mitigate other risks. But the design and implementation of highway fencing is both essential and complex. Constructing effective fencing along a traveled highway requires a well-thought-out approach and precise knowledge of the materials and specifications related to the project. To help highlight the different purposes, forms and considerations for highway fencing, this article provides a number of informative insights. Highway Fencing Needs & Applications Highway fencing is employed in various types of settings and for a multitude of different reasons. Generally speaking, it is intended to separate the drivable roadway from the surrounding area, though there are more granular requirements at play. Here are some of the most common functions:  Sound barrier: Typically applied in urban and suburban areas, fencing in the form of sound barriers [...]

Stopping Crime In Warehouses, Distribution Centers & Drop Lots With Effective Fencing

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Warehouse spaces, distribution centers and drop lots are essential to the successful functioning of businesses around the globe. Unsurprisingly, they are also hot spots for theft. With so many valuable products and cargo situated in one central location, these areas have become prime targets for crime—including everything from external, organized crime to internal breaches and theft. What’s more, the size, scope and complexity of warehouses, distribution facilities and drop lots make them challenging to monitor and secure. That is why having effective fencing solutions is paramount to protecting your business, your staff and your assets. Perimeter fencing, internal fencing and even interior caging can all help mitigate the risk of crime within warehouses, distribution centers and drop lots. Of course, not every type of fencing is qualified for the job at hand. It’s critical to integrate fencing options that meet high standards of security and functionality. Following are some [...]

Tips For Choosing Solar Security Fencing In Northeastern Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf recently announced a major clean energy initiative that will produce nearly 50 percent of the state government’s electricity through seven new solar energy arrays totaling 191-megawatts. Pennsylvania PULSE (Project to Utilize Light and Solar Energy) is the largest solar commitment by any government in the U.S. announced to date, and part of the initiative will go into operation on January 1, 2023. This announcement affirms the state’s commitment to supporting renewable energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and it sets a major precedent for reducing the risks of climate change in Pennsylvania. It’s a move that charts a greener course for the state, setting an example for utilities, municipalities, businesses and residences to consider alternative forms of energy. But as solar arrays crop up around the state, securing the perimeter of these properties becomes a challenging yet critical effort. Here, we’re providing some essential tips [...]

High-Security Fencing: Uses, Types & Considerations

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High-security fencing options are leveraged for a variety of structures and grounds ranging from government-run to commercially owned. Given the many different uses for and types of high-security fences, it can be challenging to identify a system that best fits your unique setting and requirements. Building a perimeter structure designed to protect people, property and intellectual assets starts with understanding the many considerations surrounding high-security fencing. Let’s explore some of these areas to form a clearer picture and smarter approach. When High-Security is a High Priority High-security fencing is often the first line of defense against outside threats, theft, vandalism and unwanted access to specific areas. It’s essential to assuring the safety of workers and visitors around the property, and of the general public. It can be a major contributor to protecting internal assets, safeguarding infrastructure and services, and mitigating security vulnerabilities. Some of the threats facing certain government [...]

9 Types Of Commercial Fencing For Your Facility

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Commercial property owners seeking fencing options for security and other business needs have a myriad of options at their disposal. Of course, every property has different requirements, so identifying which type of fencing is the most suitable in a particular scenario will hinge on a number of determinants. The market presents a wide array of materials, construction and systems, so it’s important to understand all of the offerings before making a decision. To help you get a clearer picture of the perimeter structures that might best meet the needs of your property or facility, here is a breakdown of nine of the most common types of commercial fencing. 1. Chain Link Chain link is definitely among the most popular choices for commercial fencing. Typically made from galvanized steel, it can also be coated in vinyl for extra protection and curb appeal. Chain link fencing for commercial applications is particularly [...]

Access Control Systems, Automated Gates & Gate Types For Upgraded Security

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Access control systems and automated gates provide a unique opportunity for government and commercial properties to heighten their security approach. Whether you need critical security gates for vehicular or human traffic, these products are both smart and convenient in terms of managing access and retaining a secure property. Here, we’re explaining the current technologies that exist in access control systems and automated gates, as well as the advantages these products offer and how different types accommodate various security needs. How Access Control Systems & Automated Gates Work Keeping track of the people and vehicles entering and exiting a secure location can be a challenging effort in the midst of ensuring the safety of employees and visitors as well as physical and intellectual property. Critical security gates and access control systems enable government and commercial entities to protect these assets, mitigate theft, document specific comings and goings, allow individual access [...]

The Best Type Of Security Fence For Government & Other Critical Infrastructures

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Government buildings, military bases, data centers, corporate headquarters and other forms of critical infrastructure require a heightened focus on security. In just about all of these cases, security fencing is one of the most integral and effective forms of protection. But when it comes to safeguarding against external threats, not all security fence types and materials are created equal. To successfully fortify high-risk targets, it’s essential to choose options that are strong, durable, resistant to environmental elements, difficult to scale, hard to penetrate and applicable to the unique security needs at hand. Whether you’re securing people or property, there are certain fencing systems that are better suited for the job than others. To help you understand the best type of security fence for government property and other critical infrastructure, check out these expert insights. Pros & Cons of Chain Link Security Fences Chain link is certainly one of the [...]

6 Critical Aspects Of Protecting Government Buildings With Security Fencing

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When it comes to many government buildings and facilities, security fencing is often the first line of defense against outside threats and unwanted access. It’s an essential component to assuring the safety of workers, visitors and the general public, as well as protecting internal assets, safeguarding services and mitigating vulnerabilities. Government security fencing is a highly effective form of physical security. Given the key role fencing structures play in protecting government buildings, their design and installation process involves some critical aspects. Important considerations must be made to meet the unique security needs of the facility and ensure the most effective defense. Following is a detailed breakdown of six fundamental elements for protecting government buildings with security fencing. 1. Assessment of Facility Type, Purpose & Needs The first and most basic aspect to address is exactly what kind of government facility requires fencing and what the needs of that property [...]

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