October 1, 2020

Ready for a challenge?  The employees of Rutkoski Fencing, Inc. (RFI) and Merut Construction are.  Both companies enrolled in a wellness program available to all employees through a partnership with Geisinger and a designated Wellness Specialist. RFI and Merut Co. began participating in challenges that can help adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.  Topics of challenges include fitness, nutrition, and general wellness, such as handwashing and getting enough sleep.  Staff are sent a challenge of the month by email along with a tracker to mark participation.  The tracker is then submitted by the challenge expiration date.

RFI and Merut Co. were more than excited to be able to offer a program that may just help their staff focus on their wellbeing, especially in such a year as 2020.  In the future, both companies look forward to planning in-person health and wellness events at the corporate office so employees can benefit from health fairs and blood pressure screenings.