Designing and installing security fencing that can effectively protect and meet the individual needs of a property is a critical effort. Given the vital security outcomes you seek, as well as the substantial investment involved, you want to ensure you’re hiring a security fence company that has deep experience, nuanced expertise and wide-ranging knowledge and skills. One of the ways to investigate a company’s qualifications is by reviewing their certifications. 

Truthfully, not every security fence company out there has the breadth of certifications to illustrate their competency in various areas of security fencing implementation. At Rutkoski Fencing, Inc (RFI)., we take training and qualifications very seriously, as illustrated by our list of achieved certifications for both individual employees and the company at large. Continuously expanding our expertise with professional certifications is just another way we never stop improving, growing and connecting.

Check out our following list of fence- and gate-related certifications, along with additional details about each, such as the requirements and experience levels that characterize their importance.

Certified Gate Automation Designer (CGAD) 2022

The Certified Gate Automation Designer (CGAD) credential is the most comprehensive gate designer certification available to the industry. This certification recognizes those who have an exceptional level of expertise in the design and layout of automated gate systems.

CGAD eligibility requires a minimum of one year of gate automation experience or attendance at AFA’s Gate Automation Designer School, covering a wide array of related topics such as types of gates and operators, UL 325, ASTM F2200, electrical wiring, access control devices, high security installations, site considerations and more. Those who sit for and pass the CGAD exam before one year of experience must meet the experience requirement before achieving certification. 

The CGAD designation is valid for three years from issuance of the credential. Renewal requires earning 12 hours of gate automation/access control-focused continuing education in the three-year period prior to renewal.

American Fence Association (AFA) Certified Fence Contractor (CFC) 2020

The Certified Fence Contractor (CFC) designation recognizes individuals at quality, professional fence companies who have earned the seal of approval from the nation’s top industry credentialing organization. CFC eligibility requires one of the following combinations of education and fence industry experience: 

  • 3 years of experience with a 4 year Bachelor’s degree
  • 4 years of experience with an Associate’s degree
  • 5 years of experience with a high school diploma or GED
  • 10 years of experience with none of the above 

Applicants with fewer than ten years of experience in the fence industry, regardless of education level completed, must attend the American Fence Association’s Fence Contractor Business School. Some of the topics covered include estimating and bidding, insurance and legal issues, OSHA compliance and safety management, UL 325, ASTM F2200 and more. 

There are two phases to CFC testing, which include two pre-qualifying fence installation exams and six business exams. In addition, applicants must provide three letters of recommendation that attest to their qualifications, personal integrity and general reputation for professionalism. 

The CFC designation is valid for three years from issuance of the credential. Renewal requires earning 15 hours of fence and/or business-related continuing education in the three-year period prior to renewal.

Ameristar Perimeter Security 2019

The Ameristar Perimeter Security certification is a product installation certificate awarded upon completion of training by employee representatives who install these products. A fence installation company must be certified by Ameristar Perimeter Security in order to install their products, and our certification involved training and best practices related to product systems including: 

  • Impasse II: Visual deterrent backed with heavy steel components that give a higher level of protection compared to the traditional chain link or architectural mesh fence alternatives. Top choice for securing at-risk facilities or protecting specific assets within  properties in the power utility, federal and military, petro-chemical and data center industries.
  • Matrix: Innovative fence solution to accommodate a required level of security, with multiple mesh options to select the degree of delay and site visibility. Engineered for critical infrastructure, the system unites strength with versatility for protecting assets related to power utilities, energy facilities, water and waste water, and petrochemical entities. 
  • Stalwart: The Stalwart framework is a raceway for wiring, conduits and/or security cabling required around the perimeter of a project, with an integrated design that eliminates the need for trenching and boring related to perimeter security upgrades. Various Stalwart products are geared toward needs in arenas such as K-12 schools, event centers, daycares and preschools, airports, energy facilities, petro-chemical properties, water and waste water facilities, data centers, federal and military grounds, and railways.

Certification with Ameristar Perimeter Security confirms the recipient has repeatedly and successfully installed the vendor’s perimeter security fence products in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, and that they exhibit a high level of competency in this regard.

American Fence Association (AFA) Blue Ribbon Company 2018

The American Fence Association (AFA) designates Blue Ribbon Company status to those who demonstrate the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry and are actively engaged in the advancement of the profession. The designation differentiates these companies from others in the fencing industry by certifying they provide a higher standard of business.

Mandatory requirements for Blue Ribbon Companies include being a member of the AFA for at least three consecutive years, agreeing to adhere to the AFA Code of Ethics, maintaining all applicable licenses as required within the business’s state and being involved in the fence industry for at least five years. 

Additional qualifiers include having attended AFA’s FENCETECH conference within the last two years, receiving AFA awards or recognition as a business within the local community and having contributed to community or charitable projects.

To maintain their status, Blue Ribbon Companies must renew every two years based on the date of acceptance, showing the necessary requirements based primarily on service to the industry and AFA over a two-year period.

American Fence Association (AFA) Certified Fence Professional (CFP) 2018

The American Fence Association (AFA) has awarded the designation of Certified Fence Professional (CFP) to those who demonstrated a high level of competency in the fencing industry by passing a suitable examination and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct. The examination covered all aspects of the fencing disciplines to confirm an understanding of specifications, product quality and installation techniques. Additional requirements included a high school diploma or GED as well as five years of experience in the fence industry. 

This certification asserts the recipient has demonstrated superior competency and knowledge of the fence industry. Certified individuals have been acknowledged by the AFA as a select group of individuals that possess the highest ethical and professional standards in the fence industry. Recently replaced by the Certified Fence Contractor (CFC) certification, the CFP achievement is now considered a lifetime certification. 

Amico Amiguard Installer and Trainer 2018

The AMICO® AMIGUARD® Installer and Trainer certification is awarded to those who fulfill the vendor’s fence installation training at the AMICO Security facility in Birmingham, AL. A fence installation company must be certified as an installer and trainer for all AMIGUARD fence products in order to install them.

AMICO is the world’s largest producer of meshes for security, and its highly recommended AMIGUARD system can be customized to defend against a wide array of threats. These products have been widely utilized for security fencing needs in industries including energy and power, renewable energy, transportation (airports, railroads, highway systems, passenger and freight rail infrastructure, and shipping), corrections, government and military, industrial and high-end commercial, high-end residential and offices, schools and daycares, as well as recreational, playgrounds and parks.

Betafence Guardian Installer 2014

The Betafence Guardian Installer certification is a vendor-specific product installation certificate awarded upon completion of training by an employee representative who installs these products. Betafence sells its products all over the world via a network of professional distributors and installers who are trained regularly to provide customers looking for high-security solutions, fencing systems or security gates with the best technical advice and support. 

The Guardian Fence System® is the original modular steel security fence, and the first to provide a total security solution. Betafence Guardian systems include the Guardian 2000, Guardian 5000 and Guardian 7000, and they are highly equipped for meeting the needs of customers in industries including factories and logistics, high-security, energy and resources, sports infrastructure, and public places and buildings.

Miller Edge Safety Patrol (MESP) 2013

The Miller Edge Safety Patrol (MESP) certification is awarded to recipients who have completed safety training and membership based on a commitment to safer installations of motorized doors and gates. A fence installation company must be certified as an installer for Miller Edge fence products in order to install them, and our employee representative obtained the certification at the vendor’s West Grove, PA location. 

While convenient and efficient, motorized doors and gates have the potential to create risk for people, vehicles and objects in their path, which is why it’s important to utilize products that comply with safety standards and building codes. Miller Edge products are uniquely suited to facilities and properties in sectors such as factories and logistics, high-security, energy and resources, sports infrastructure, public places and buildings. 

Prioritizing Safety & Certification

This lengthy list of certifications relates specifically to those involved in the fence and gate industry, and is not inclusive of the additional safety training and certifications on which our team prides itself. Our dedication to embracing safety as a culture is not just for compliance; it is a staple of our culture and will always be a continuing precedence.

At the end of the day, security fencing projects require no less than a robust approach to safety, as well as expert recommendations on specific system applications, site grading concerns, creative solutions and the best methods to employ. That’s why it is paramount to hire a qualified, experienced, certified company that will manage the job in accordance with best practices and proper standards for quality and safety.

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